Wellbourne St Jude

Nestled in the rural pastures of The Valley, Wellbourne St Jude is an otherwise sleepy village with a secret past. It was once home to an ancient tribe who were the first to wander the Universe using what scientists call ‘luminescence transportation’. Although these ancient people died many years ago, their descendants are sworn members of the secretive Council of Solarius, a group of observers who study light and space, working to protect the people of Earth from harmful aspects of light that only they¬†understand. If this knowledge ever fell into the wrong hands the consequences would be disastrous.

From their base at Wellbourne Manor, the Council are ever watchful, but to outsiders they appear to be ‘normal’ people, hidden behind a camouflage of ordinary jobs and lives.

But if the Council can walk freely among the ordinary people of Earth, who else might be doing the same?