Pollux, sister-planet of Castor, lies in the Gemini constellation. One of three planets originally inhabited by Humans and Hominapiers, Pollux is a tough environment. Its twin suns can cause extremes of hot and cold as they orbit, frequently resulting in the intense blizzards known as a ‘Freeze’.

Pollux’s main settlement is Freghaall, the walled town and castle that sit high up on the rock plateau above the Pihi Plains. Such is its age and historical importance, Freghaall is still called the ‘Old Seat’, yet its best days are now in the past. The king has not been seen since leaving on a grand expedition and the kingdom has been ruled instead by his brother, Deovald. A fearsome warrior in his youth, Deovald could not prevent the recent fire that swept through Freghaall and reduced most of its muscular stonework to ruins. Deovald faces the prospect of entering the history books as the ruler who presided over the end of this once great civilisation. But his devotion to Freghaall has left him blinkered. No longer willing to take his seat on the Council of Solarius, Deovald sits in the ruins of his ancestral home with two thoughts to occupy his mind; how can he hold onto his crumbling kingdom and how can he track down the person responsible for the fire?

Is Deovald ready to be the saviour of Pollux or will his stubbornness be his undoing?