According to the Gloomthreaders, the Universe is a giant hunting ground, where each planet is a resource to be plundered and left in ruins as they move onto the next. Originally known as the Hominapiers, their sinister ways led to a bitter argument with Earth’s other tribe of inhabitants, known as the Humans. The Hominapiers left Earth in search of galaxies that would satisfy their craving for chaos. For centuries the people of Earth heard nothing of the Hominapiers, assuming them the victims of their own lifestyle. Then, as suddenly as they had left, the Hominapiers returned to Earth. Only, this time they were known by a new name, one that had been forged in the harsh wastes of space – The Gloomthreaders. Their thirst for annihilation had led to the creation of a new weapon, the Unlight Weke; a weapon with the power to destroy whole planets. The Gloomthreaders had returned to destroy Earth.

The war that followed ravaged three planets until eventually the Gloomthreaders were defeated. They were banished to a distant planet, stripped of all technology and means of travel, in a place intended to be their grave. The Weke was lost.

The Council of Solarius set about re-writing history until the Gloomthreaders had been erased from all records, never to be heard of again. Finally, the people of Earth were safe.

This was how it has been for centuries, until now…